Thank you, Perez VIPs!

A huge thank you goes out to our VIPs, Volunteers Improving Perez. As of January 31, 2012 the following VIP members have reported over 50 hours of their time this school year helping to make our school stronger! Thanks!

Nu Chanpheng, Heather Cords, Bobby Fernandez, Cristina Galindo, Maria Jaramillo, Olivia Jiménez, Sylvia Kauffman, Shelli Kregel, Maribel Lona, Elizabeth Martinez, Margarita Núñez, Pilar Ortiz, Yesenia Ortiz, Laura Polio, Leticia Ramirez, Juana Sanchez, Glen Shield, Maria Shield, Susan Willard, Cladianis Williams, Theresa Whitwell

Can we get at least 3 hours of help from every family?

Volunteering benefits your children and helps make our school the best it can be. Thank you to all of the family members who have helped our school by volunteering your time. If every family contributed just three hours per year, we would get over 180 days worth of assistance – the equivalent of a full‐time employee. Have you already volunteered at least three hours this year? If so, thank you! If not, please consider ways that you can help in the classroom, in the office, in the library, in the cafeteria, or even at home. Call the school for more information on how you can help or sign up online. Be sure that you sign in when you volunteer, as we will soon be sending a special thank you to all of our volunteers.

Special thanks to all of our families who have volunteered more than 3 hours!