Fall Festival

The 8th Annual Perez PTA Fall Festival will have plenty of fun, food and games this year! And also this year we have a special treat: the Austin Police Department’s brand new helicopter may be landing here during our festival! Bring your family and friends to join in the celebration. You’ll be helping raise money for field trips, book fairs, and other experiences for our Perez Pythons!

Parents, staff, and other volunteers are planning an exciting event for everyone, but we also need your help! There are many ways to volunteer. You can help by donating the items listed on the flyer that was sent home. You can also help set up or take down booths. Or, you can take a leadership role by helping run a booth. We also need people who can float from place to place to fill in as necessary. We need you, whether it’s for 1 hour or 4 — every minute you can help makes a huge difference!